I really don’t know what I want to put in the static part of my site yet but eventually I will find things to put here.

The main reason I decided to get a blog was to make it so all of my internet friends could reach me in one place. I’m all over the internet, at Pokemon forums, at YouTube, DeviantArt and anonymously at 4chan. I’m also at Facebook but that’s only for people I know in real life, or more specific, family and family friends.

I want a page that has links of useful websites, like a compilation of all my website showcase post except that these would be the ones I have used the most throughout my time.

I want to use this website to make it so people can find cool and useful websites within one convenient location. I hate when I find loads of useful information or website and I have no place to share them.

I’m also in the process on figuring out how the menu system works.


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