Good Websites

This is a beta-version of the page where I post websites I like or thing are very useful. I will post websites that are greate for people inm my hiobby such as Japanese or art and websites that are good for entertainment.

The Green/SlChan:

This website is basically like Oddee only very stripped down. My favorite boards are: Architecture, Furniture and Leaf which is where they put the technology. I’m wondering if this site is the source to all those cool images floating around the web or reverse.

I can’t find much information on this site unfortunately because it seems to be some sort of an artistic site with such strange board names as Leaf, Bubbles, Cardboard, Deer and Ducks. None of the posts contain any words, just tags up in the corner so I guess you’d have to Tineye the image to get the background story behind it.


This site is where you can upload an image or paste a url and have the internet search for you. Google has something similar but if you don’t want your privacy jeopardized, Tineye is the good alternative. If you want to find porn, use SauceNao


Not sure how popular this site is in comparison to the household name Wikipedia but this site is basically Wikipedia in dictionary form. I use it mainly to look up translations for words I’m not sure of.

The Chanarchive:

Great if you want to relive old 4chan threads, witness events you missed, get virus-free porn or just kill some time reading stories. The site started out as 4chan Archive but converted to a new interactive format in which threads were archived in real-time, could be rated by registered users and even have threads added to via the new comment features. Now any chan can get archived threads at this site, though right now none have, at least as far as I know.


I’m kind of iffy on sharing sites that have free music downloads but I will share one, at least temporarily. This site is pretty decent, except that now that they have added the captcha, it’s gotten to be a bit annoying to download tracks.


If you don’t have software to convert youtube videos to mp3 format, this site is great and very fast.

Anime Character Database:

If you have a picture of an anime character but you don’t know the name nor the series, you can fill in the fields with haircolor, hair-length, eyecolor, age, gender and more and it will search a database and find you matches. Sometimes it doesn’t find the character but it works pretty well overall. You can also use the search to find characters by preference or to see various color schemes.


Feel free to contribute to this page via comments


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